Angelique Jobelle

Poetry, Performance & Installations by Artist Extraordinaire Angelique Jobelle!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The "Carry" performance really took me to the limit. It's been taking me a couple months to recover. "Carry" made me think very deeply about the idea of "North." (Isn't that the name of a radio play by Glenn Gold?) I'm still thinking about "North" - all the time, really - even though I'm really far away from the north. In fact I'm at the Kolmanskop Art Center in Luederitz, Namibia. When they offered me a last-minute residency, I thought maybe it would be a good place to continue my recovery from "Carry." But maybe it's too far from the north. We'll see. Anyway it's pretty bleak here. Not much outside stimuli. Quiet time for the soul to recover in.