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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Back at the caf, realizing how behind I am with all this, trying to get back into the swing. This might be a little disorganized as I try to catch up as quick as I can. A little random.

Here's a couple poems I wrote - in February I think.


small membraneous scales or bracts
on the receptacle, composite, glume
&c of grasses furnished with chaff,
that part or texture of the ovule
where all the parts grow
together hollowed out like a gutter,
a phrase expressing the essential
marks of species
genus &c
of the texture
of parchment
which distinguish it
from all others


texture of green grains
in the leaf-cell, exposed
to light, giving color its due,
coloring matter
in plants, especially
when not green,
or when liquid like
eyelashes, fringing, beset
on the margin by bristles
rolled inwards from the top
like crosiers, as the shoots of ferns,
the flower-clusters of heliotrope,
whence the name and general outline
of a thing divided by a circular line
around the sides and furnished
with a tendril coiling like virgin’s-bower
or like the scar left
by the fall of a leaf