Angelique Jobelle

Poetry, Performance & Installations by Artist Extraordinaire Angelique Jobelle!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Performance: "SLA/USA/INS/DIY/IOU"
with Tim Delano
The Topel Club, Halibut, Alberta
February 23rd, 2005
Tim had also liked "Nadine" & seen it as a sort of breakthrough for me. We decided to work in the same vein, together, to try to iron out our differences. In retrospect I have to agree with Prof & most everybody else that this performance was too theoretical, too ambitious & not "real" enough. Everyone liked the fake woodgrain forest animals though.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Performance: "NADINE"
Student Art Gallery, University of Halibut, Alberta
February 16, 2005
Maybe the New Year is going to bring a new attitude & better luck after all! Ironically, Professor MacLeod had been on campus on New Years Day & had seen my "Priceless" performance - and he'd liked it! When classes started again - well, see - this semester he was teaching "Performance & Uselessness" and it was a required core course in my major, so against my better judgement I had to take him again - but this time it might be different! Anyway, he encouraged me to pursue this new line of inquiry and so I worked out this performance, which took a little more aggressive stance towards the gender thing. This one was "about" the role of women during the London Blitz of World War II. (Prof liked it.)