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Poetry, Performance & Installations by Artist Extraordinaire Angelique Jobelle!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

By now it was xmas holiday, getting on winter, getting pretty damn cold, so I was spending a lot of time indoors. Tim & I'd been bickering with each other a lot, so I was alone a lot. I think Tim was starting to agree a bit with Professor MacLeod, that I was "narcissistic." Well I think Tim was just trying to curry favor. Anyway, I started writing poetry & getting into a morbid frame of mind. Here's a poem from that period.


like any bract seated on the pedicel
beset with bristles, bearing a leaf bud
with fleshy scales or producing bulbs
with stiff, sharp, bulb like hairs
in shape more or less different
from ordinary small leaf
or scale fallen from the axil,
of which a flower
or its pedicel
proceeds, a branch
in its earliest,
or undeveloped
usually subterranean,
blistered or bladdery
in turf-like patches
or tufts of small bulbs
belonging to the calyx,
as the calyx
is known
like calyptra
or candle extinguisher,
channelled with a deep
longitudinal groove
down the inner face,
latticed and rising
stems of the lily borne above
falling early off when

Friday, December 17, 2004

Performance: "NEW DRUG"
with Tim Delano
Bennett's Big Books & Record Shoppe, Halibut, Alberta
December 17, 2004
The Mekons gig went so well that JiM Bennett asked us to do another. This time we chose to impersonate Fritz & Sally Mutant & we did a whole set of their tunes a-capella!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Performance: "IT'S ONLY ROCK & ROLL"
with Tim Delano
Bennett's Big Books & Record Shoppe, Halibut, Alberta
December 8, 2004
Stung by Professor MacLeod's continuing criticisms (he even called me "narcissistic" in front of the whole class! bastard!), Tim & I didn't invite him to this performance, which sort of happened by accident when the Mekons, who were supposed to do an "in-store" concert here at the best damned bookshop (& record shop!) east of Toronto, cancelled at the last minute. Tim & I convinced JiM Bennett, the owner, to let us play the gig ourselves - impersonating the Mekons, or well at least the two main ones, Tom & Jon. JiM must have been a bit drunk because he okay'd it & we did & blow me down but no one noticed!