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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Today Prof surprised me with a commission invitation he'd arranged for me in England, in Lancashire, a residency at an art center outside Manchester. Well it's not the North Pole but it's well on the way. Here's a snap I took of Prof "re-enacting" handing me the invitation. I think he looks distinguished with his mustache don't you?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Leaving Namibia, I traveled by bus to the Congo, to meet my old mentor, Scott MacLeod, who now owns a small nightclub, La Porte Rouge, in Matonge, a rough suburb of Kinshasa. It's a tiny place that reminds me of something out of a Thin Man film. Nick & Nora, that sort of thing. I made a little musical performance about a fictitious actress named Violette. It wasn't until later, when I saw the photos of this performance, that I realized it had been as much of a love-song to Guy Maddin as it was to "Prof."

Performance: "La Chanson de Violette"
La Porte Rouge, Kinshasa, Republic of the Congo
February 4, 2007
Voice, violin (Elmer Barrow), tape loops