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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

And here are two more that I wrote while lying in bed eating percocets:


a slipper-spur, shaped
with outer thick callosity
or set of bracts, calyx, hood,
or veil, floral capsule
of a particular sort, as in true pinks
curved at the edges, sweet cicely
as the stigmas &c
close dense cluster round
a globular apex like hair
in shape, and diminutive
of capitate, head of cessils,
head on a pin, stigma of cherry-
bearing tendrils, hoary,
whiter still, dry, dehiscent
seed vessel, prowed vessel
with a sharp ridge & stigmas
clustered round to form a body, shaped


flesh-coloured grain of grasses
of which a pistil is composed,
pale red, pertaining to a carpel
or stalk within the flower,
that firm and tough department
or support, like cartilage in flesh-
like texture, spike of thorns,
long-clawed petals upright, tailed,
tail-pointed, the summit more
or less reclining, an obvious stem
composed of vesicles
and scaly pink-like tissues, nodding
as it points, centrifugal,
away from center down within the cavity
of an anther, deciduous, ament

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

And here's one of the poems from that period:


the lobes again two-lipped
as the corolla of sage twice folded
together in two plates, lamellae
occupying two rows, one within
the other, doubly serrate
as when the teeth of a leaf &c
like the calyx of silene
with the lobes again pinnatifid,
thin and inflated,
as most anthers, two-lipped
the same as two-lobed,
concave within and keeled
without, in shape like a small boat,
the stigma of mimulus

Monday, March 28, 2005

Sculpture: "Thing Number 12"
Mixed media
March 28, 2005
I am pretty much not able to walk & the percocets I was able to score just aren't doing it for me, so mostly I've been laying in bed writing poetry & making carvings. Here's one of them.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Performance: "Landlubber"
New Media CenterSpace, University of Halibut, Alberta
March 7, 2005
Well, Spring is starting off pretty grim this year. Of course my relationship with Tim is completely over. We haven't even contacted each other since "Earth & Water." The last time I saw him was in the Emergency Room as they were getting ready to stabilize his leg. Professor MacLeod visited him in the hospital a few days later & took a picture of Tim's swollen leg - they had to screw stainless steel rods into his femur or whatever. It was really interesting to see where the steel just entered - I mean I guess it "penetrated" the flesh but it looked more like it just "entered" it. I don't feel TOO bad - mean, Tim did know I was a black belt in aikido & grav-maga! But I developed a pretty obsessional curiosity about this thing where the steel was entering the flesh. Luckily I knew someone who knew a tattoo guy who knew someone, and finally I was able to get this Pakistani sort-of-surgeon guy to hook me up with a contraption just like Tim's. Some people think I have really LOST IT - but I mean, I didn't get my leg broken or anything, just got the screws put into the bone etc. I'm going to wear this harness etc. until Tim's comes off. And no it's not really about wanting to hold onto Tim - it's more like when Martina Abrahamovic and that Uday guy each walked along the Great Wall of China & just walked by each other without saying anything, as a way to end their 20 year collaboration. Anyway I kind of did a performance thing & a lot of people got pretty queasy. I have to admit, it's pretty painful (I can't get the kind of drugs they're dripping into Tim) and I'm kind of queasy all the time too.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Performance: "Earth & Water"
with Tim Delano
McDonald's farm, near Hythe, Alberta
March 1st, 2005
Undeterred by the obvious signs of personal incompatibility & creative stagnation shown by our last performance, Tim & I returned once again to the site of our first performance together, to "hash out" our differences within the framework of a ceremonial combat between Gaia & Neptune. I think everyone was a little surprised by the resulting level of savagery Tim & I showed towards each other, ourselves included.